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Cornerstone Consultancy International provides a strategic approach to training and development through on-site training, hands on workshops and conferences to various institutions in both the public and private sector in South Africa and other parts of the African Continent.

We have a team of qualified professionals with vast experience in their areas of expertise, whose role is to develop and deliver a wide range of innovative customized product solutions.
We provide practical training packages and experiences that are interactive, insightful and up to date with the industry trends. Our professional development events take your career and your organization to the next level.

Cornerstone Consultancy International believes the acquisition of skills and knowledge, both for personal development and career advancement is important for every professional in any institution.

Professional development and training provides knowledge that can enable the individual to approach, assess, evaluate and resolve problems and expedite an appropriate solution efficiently.

We are specialised in the following sectors:

Financial Management
This training will assist both financial and non-financial managers and staff in understanding and interpreting internal and external Financial Reports. This will result in better business decisions and a more ‘savvy’ group of employees.
Public Relations & Marketing
Public Relations, Corporate Communication and Marketing form the backbone of business and the activity of business organizations. Training in the areas listed below will build, nourish and preserve your personal and corporate identity.
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management is a key factor in the daily management of staff and business operations in any organisation regardless of its size or orientation. To increase personal and organisational productivity, and enhance your already acquired skills, we offer HR Training.